After over 20 years of teaching residential retreats, Cáli is now semi-retired.
She still offers private online sessions, at the moment she is fully booked until August 2023.
If you are interested in joining the waiting list for private sessions and possible future retreats,
please connect with us

Are you…

  • ready to life a more abundant life ?
  • recovering from a difficult relationship where you lost your sense of what is right for you ?
  • ready to feel the expansion of being responsible for the choices you make in life ?
  • curious about exploring new horizons or your work ?
  • interested in shining a light on behaviours which no longer serve who you are becoming ?
  • ready to discover or re-discover your playful and
    creative flow?

If you said yes to 4 of those above, this is a program for you!



Finding out how stillness allows you to access your own sense of peace so you can make powerful choices that are right for you.


Our thoughts becomes reality and they are powerful. We are co-creating what happens to us through our thought process, it is a continuous inner broadcast. We will show you how to release limiting beliefs, and invite a complete new approach to life.


Gentle yoga, suitable for all levels. Relax, stretch, unwind and breathe!

Meet your facilitator

Cáli Ornelas

is a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and intuitive.

She is the founder of the Yossum Process and has been leading retreats for over 25 years.

Since the early age of 15 years old she has been practicing, studying and dedicating herself to discoveries and explorations of what makes us live with a sense of true contentement and aliveness. She is mostly known for her depth of commitment and non-compromising clarity towards each person whom she feels honoured to support for any part of their life journey.

“We are incredibly muti-dimensional beings and my deepest interest in life is to continuously explore the edges to expand all the ways to love and embody the power we have as human beings, without leaving anything behind.”

Find support, direction and clarity for

a revitalised powerful YOU!  

Why come to a residential retreat ?

When you give yourself physical space and time away from the daily demands you can reconnect with your natural intelligence and intuitive knowing.

Unlike reading books, learning online or discussing with friends, engaging on a retreat gives you:

1. Insights and new views about YOU and your reality.

2. A lived-in experience which does not get forgotten.

3. Healthy food, yoga, and contemplation which heals and revitalises.

4. Support for your personal process.

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