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Personal Development

It’s a necessity and a privilege to engage in Personal Development. What does it mean to engage in your own personal growth? What is it like to live a conscious and loving life?
How do we recognize our real responsibilities?

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Internal Family System

We all have an undamaged core Self that is the essence of who we are.
Life is a fertile and beautiful experience. If only you can fully participate at it! Attending to all of our parts can be the most liberating and expanding gift for yourself.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven and thousands of people in the western world have adopted some sort of regular practice. Your unique intention to meditate and to learn to be mindful is the fuel that will help create a sustainable practice.

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Meet with Cáli

Cáli is a committed teacher and psychotherapist.

She has a rare combination of academic qualifications and spiritual understanding, and her gift is integrating both of these worlds to bring guidance to your life.

Cáli has been designing and facilitating powerful transformational residential retreats for the last 25 years. When she is not teaching on retreats, she is supporting people via her private online sessions program.

Working with people across the globe whilst living and training in nine countries gives her a deep understanding of human nature. She works with a diverse range of clients, from corporate leaders, to mentoring coaches and teachers, and all those ready to make a change and take the next step on their evolutionary journey.


“Since the moment my inner journey began, I have grown greatly as a woman and a human being thanks to Cáli’s teachings and support. I’ve come to understand that my physical life is a reflection of my internal landscape and beliefs. Whatever is holding me back internally is reflected in my daily life.

Cáli has a very practical approach and gave me the tools to free myself from some deep blockages. Often just one session can shift my way of thinking and dealing with the ‘problem’. My life has so much more meaning, trust, joy and purpose and it’s a fascinating path to walk on.”

Magdalena Luczak
Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Therapist

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