Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness are connected but not the same!

Mindfulness is the human capacity to be fully present while doing what needs to be done, feeling our own feelings and expressing our natural selves.

Meditation is a powerful technique that supports a mindful life.

“Ask no permission from the authorities.
Close your eyes and follow your breath
to the still place that leads to the
invisible path that leads you home.”


Why seek mindfulness through meditation?

Most people are searching for something to help them with the stress, anxiety, and inevitable pain of life.

If you are struggling with Meditation it is possible you have been trying practices which are not aligned with your own personal interests. 

What are your motivations to Meditate?

What makes you interested in trying this out?

Be honest and clear about what you want to improve in your life.

Here is a suggestion to support a curious investigation into different areas of your life:

Take 15 mins and write down your answers to the questions below.

  • Have I lost the sense of passion in the work I do?
  • Do I get up in the morning unmotivated to start my day?
  • Do I find it difficult to communicate my feelings?
  • Do I feel misunderstood and alone?
  • How do I communicate my boundaries, is it with clarity or with excessive force which is creating difficulties in my relationships?
  • Do I avoid feelings/emotions and place higher value in doing and achieving?
  • How much time I spend on self-care on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Am I living a life that I feel really proud of?Once answered, highlight the words that you used the most and find out what YOUR main INTENTION is to learn to meditate.

Some of the intentions you may have are:

  • To learn how to increase focus and the ability to do one thing at a time.
  • To find courage to express your feelings.
  • To be able to set proper boundaries.
  • To find out how to free yourself from a fear of intimacy.

Your unique intention to meditate and to learn to be mindful is the fuel that will help create a sustainable practice.

After practising for over 35 years and guiding thousands of people I have learned that different practices will suit different people at different periods in their lives. Identifying your motivations is crucial.

Once identified I recommend doing two things:

  1. Learn: Go online and research websites that can teach you different methods of meditation. I suggest picking 3 or 4 practices that inspire you and then trying one at a time for 7 days — for the same amount of time every day. Spend a month experimenting.
  2. Connect: Find a meditation or mindfulness mentor who can help you benefit most from your practice.

A 30 mins consultation on Meditation with Cali.

I offer people that are seriously interested in Meditation, a dedicated 30 mins consultation.

As I want to support as many people as possible to initiate this practice in their lives, the cost for the consultation is €40.00.

Please click on contact form to express your interest.

Note:  As I am often fully booked with online sessions, please be aware that there might be a waiting time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks to find a suitable time for these consultations.

The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven and thousands of people in the western world have adopted some sort of regular practice.

  • JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation helps heal DEPRESSION and ANXIETY about as effectively as antidepressants.
  • Meditation is the single most powerful STRESS relieving tool available by natural means.
  • Meditation increases awareness of your senses and many people report a significant increase in the frequency and quality of their SEX lives.
  • A simple 10-minute daily meditation can increase your level of PRODUCTIVITY.
  • Your capacity for SELF-EXPRESSION increases dramatically. Meditation is a self-confidence building practice.
  • In a recent study of meditation for people with ADHD, 78% of participants reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms, with 30% reporting at least a 30% symptom reduction.
  • INSOMNIA can become a thing of the past. Meditation gets rid of the sleep-inhibiting accumulated stress, so you can naturally fall asleep, and stay asleep, during the night.
  • Instead of feeling overwhelmed with SADNESS AND GRIEF, Meditation helps you to stay present to your emotions. It helps you to overcome grief and painful events much faster.
  • More JOY and sense of HAPPINESS. You will notice that as you sustain the practice you will start to laugh more, and feel an easiness about your day like never before.
  • In a study by the UCLA Brain Mapping Center, meditation was found to be effective in staving off some of the normal cognitive decline that comes with aging. This made meditators not only FEEL YOUNGER but also LOOK YOUNGER.
  • Meditation and a resulting mindful life will connect you with your SOUL PURPOSE. Access to your inner and higher guidance becomes a real possibility.